Flash members practicing
Flash! Rehearsing

Flash in the Pan Musicians


Matthew, bass Tom, double seconds Bryan, engine room Cathy, tenor Peter, double tenors Beth, tenor Rusty, double seconds Nigel, co-director Carl, co-director Tony, tenor Courtenay, cello Jaimie, tenor Mary, double seconds Kate, double seconds Sandy, tenor Al, guitar Tim, cello Vijaya, cello Ethan, bass Linda, double seconds Ellie, guitar Mariah, tenor Fred, double seconds Ann, double seconds Anne, tenor


And Then 2014

FLASH 2014 Carl Chase, Director S Brian the Scratcher Muy Bonita Captain Scott Erica, Animal Psychologist

And Now 2022

Bucksport 2022

FLASH!’s approximately 35 members, many of whom have little or no prior musical background, range in age from teens to over seventy, and in their “other” lives are students, retirees, teachers, farmers, carpenters, business owners and professionals.  Band members donate their time, energy, and talents for the sheer fun of spreading the joy of pan.

During the winter, the group meets weekly to learn new songs, practice old ones, and perform occasional concerts.  Their repertoire includes an eclectic mix of traditional calypso, pop, swing, blues, and classical pieces. In the summer, they play!!